Box trap

For small predators (minks, martens, etc.)

Kills instantly

Cage trap

For foxes, raccoon dogs, and badgers

Traps a live predator

See-saw trap

For minks

Traps a live predator

Story of Jalmarin

One day, the people of Jalmarin were setting a trap for minks in Finland and realised that the existing traps were difficult and almost dangerous to set and use. Entrepreneurial-minded Ostrobothnians thought: “Tälle tarttoo teherä jotain” (“We must do something about this”). The thought came to fruition and the world’s best mink trap, the Jalmarin Box trap, was born.

The Jalmarin Box trap is a safe, easy to use, and reliable mink trap for trappers, hunters, farmers, and summer cottage- or house owners.

Afterwards, the Jalmarin product line has grown to serve different trapping needs to protect and conserve biodiversity. The products are made in their own facilities in Kauhajoki, Finland.


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