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Cage Trap


Extremely sturdy dismountable cage trap for foxes, racoon dogs, and badgers. Through a trigger device the included cables are connected and the trap is set. A cable from the trigger device’s rear end is to be attached to a tree. Additionally, this cable goes through the trigger device’s hook, which is then to be attached in the cage’s front corners. The bait rope is to be attached to the lowest hole of the trigger device. In addition, the trigger device includes a safety mechanism, which helps to set the trap. This safety mechanism can also be used when the predators get used to the trap.

4 mm steel netting on 8 mm steel frame.

Cage hinges are lifted to prevent freezing.

Weight: 26 kg

Dimensions: 150 cm x 100 cm x 50 cm

2-position trigger, attachment cables, screws and fasteners are included. Only a 13 mm wrench needed.

Powder coated.

Traps that trap live predators have to be checked daily!

User manual

Trap assembling video (in Finnish)

See how trigger device works (captions in Finnish)